Haryana Transport


  • Hisar – Sangli
  • Sangli – Sonipat
  • Sangli – Karnal
  • Sangli – Kurukshetra

History of Haryana

Haryana is the trendsetter in the case of transportation. It has a total length of 23,685 km. All the remote parts of the states are also connected with the metal roads. Over the years, Haryana roadways have earned the name for itself for the quality and range of services provided by it.

In tune with the rising necessities of the move public, Haryana roadways have undertaken the series of new initiatives to provide better services to the client. The state government proposes to construct Express Highway and freeways for speedier vehicular traffic. The grand trunk road or the GT road, as it commonly called also passes through Haryana. The total length of the national highways passing through Haryana is 665 km. Office of the Director general state transport is liable for providing well-coordinated, economical, safe and efficient transport action services to the public of the state. Haryana roadways, a state government undertaking, is the principal service provider for passenger transport in the state. The services are being provided to every part of the state as well as to important destinations in the neighbouring states.

Hisar was founded by a Muslim ruler Firozshah Tughlaq. Hisar is an Arabic word, meaning fort. Hisar was originally called as “Hisar Firoza” or in other words “Fort of Firoz”. But as the days passed, the word Firoza has dropped away from its original name. The boundary wall of Hisar Firoza was engineered from stones brought from the hills of Narsai. The fort city was also surrounded by a big ditch dug around the wall.

Sonipat, The appeal of Sonipat is historical in nature as its history goes back to the times of the Mahabharata, of which there are still signs around. Sonipat’s well is supposed to be one of the wells used by the Pandavas during their banishment from the kingdom. Apart from the renowned topographic point of Khwaja Khizr, other buildings of the Mughal era also litter the outskirts of the city which include the Mosque of Abdullah Nasir-Ud-Din. Sonipat was also considered as the gateway to the capital of the Mughal empire in Delhi.

Karnal includes a history that dates back to the eighteenth century. It is believed the Karna, from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, was the founder of the city. There is an interesting theory linking Karnam with the birth of Pakistan.

Kurukshetra was named after king kuru of the Bharat dynasty who was an ancestor of the Pandavas. The famous battle of the Mahabharata was fought here.

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